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Our Promise

Our work is great.  We promise.  And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee.  

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C2 Service Group provides and specializes in earth moving, grading, clearing, site preparation, site demolition, structural backfills and engineered fills. C2 also provides excavation services for electrical, plumbing and mechanical contractors.

No matter how many trenching, shoring, and backfilling jobs we have done in the past, it is important to approach each new job with care and preparation. We provide competent employees who will deliver excellent work. We will prepare for the job, ensuring that we meet your expectations in a timely, effective and efficient manner.


With over 30 years in the construction industry, Lorri Keenum, principal and founder of C2 continues to build a reputation as a St. Louis premier contractor, serving local and national construction markets.

Since opening the doors at C2, we have striven to be the very best; not only in terms of quality of work we perform, but in the way we treat our customers. While we're proud of the fact that our quality work and service over the last several years is what makes it possible to share continued and returning business relationships, C2 is pleased to announce its DWBE status, adding an additional service to help meet the increasing demands of diversified business goals.

Our Goal

We've got all your needs covered: from site preparation  to commercial damage repairs and everything in between. Don't hesitate to ask us a question or inquire as to why a certain process has to take place. All of our staff are friendly and knowledgeable because we know what it's like to be in your shoes. We want you to know just how special you and your projects are to us, so we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first.

Achieving high performance by aligning project strategies...